4 Benefits of Swallowing Vaginal Fluid That Will Surprise You

benefits of swallowing vaginal fluid


Some persons call it vaginal fluid, some call it pussy juice, while some others call it vaginal juice. Whichever one you decide to call it is completely up to you. 

However, in this article, I am going to share with you some amazing benefits of taking in/swallowing that fluid that your woman releases.


Now, I’m not talking about the abnormal vaginal discharge that results when a woman is suffering from an infection, or from one medical condition or the other… Nope!

I am talking about that juicy secretion when she’s all sexually aroused, or when you’re probably digging it down there. That fluid being referred to when you hear she’s wet or “I’m wet”… that’s what we’ll be talking about!

In any case, did you know that eating vaginal release could be quite beneficial to your health? You probably haven’t even heard that before right?

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So for starters;

What is Vaginal Juice/Vaginal Secretion

The vaginal fluid is a whitish liquid that originates from the vagina. This fluid is secreted mostly for the lubrication of the vagina. For some individuals, vaginal secretion is a sign that their spouse is prepared and ready to engage in sexual relations.


A woman’s vagina secrets varying fluids with varying colors at different points in time. Sometimes, this fluid can play a maintenance role in the female body system by carrying away dead cells and bacteria from the body. This helps keep the vagina clean and also helps prevent infection.


Other times, vaginal secretion, depending on the color, could be as a result of an infection or one medical condition or the other. But in this article, we are interested in the lubrication function of this secretion before or during sexual intercourse/foreplay, and the health benefits it provides at that point.


Swallowing Vaginal Fluid

A lot of individuals do supplement their diets with probiotics. But not many of them actually know that these Probiotics can be found in a woman’s vagina as well. Even doctors and specialists recommend probiotics.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide a lot of health benefits when consumed. You can look at them as bacteria that are good for the body. They are considered to be generally safe to consume. Only in extremely rear cases do they actually pose a threat to the human body.



Vaginal Secretion Facts

It might interest you to know that:


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Benefits of Swallowing Vaginal Juice/Discharge

For a man going down on his wife, the sensation is usually exceptional for the woman. But apart from that, here are some of the reasons why you should be very excited at an opportunity to perform oral sex for your spouse.

Besides the health benefit you are about to discover, if done well, she’s going love the experience!


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1. Eating Vaginal Fluid Can Prevent Coronary Illness And Certain Cancer

According to research carried out by the State University of New York, it was discovered that eating vaginal liquid can protect you from heart ailments and a few types of cancer.

To expound further, hormones, such as DHEA and Oxytocin are typically discharged during intercourse. Likewise, from a few discoveries I’ve made, these hormones play a gigantic role in preventing heart illnesses and malignancy. This implies that by eating the vaginal liquid, you stand a great chance of using these hormones it contains to fight against those illnesses.



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2. Vaginal Fluid Plays A Huge Role In Battling Indigestion

Several pieces of research have shown that probiotics are very helpful when it comes to combating indigestion. One thing you should know is that vaginal discharge contains these Probiotics in huge numbers. Thus, by swallowing that vaginal juice, you put yourself at a superior advantage of having better flowing digestion. Specialists state that the probiotics serve to adjust the microorganisms around your gastrointestinal system. Hence how it aids digestion.



   3. Mood Elevation

mood elevation | benefits of eating pussy


Feeling low?

You should try some vaginal fluid!

lol. 🙂

That’s it, you heard me right! As earlier indicated, and from researches, vaginal fluids have substances known as probiotics. These substances are known to ease an individual’s states of mind. This implies that apart from the good time you have during intercourse, you are as well freeing yourself from worry. Moreover, Medical Daily has likewise joined the fleeting trend in supporting the eating of vaginal fluid and they are incredibly backing the thought.


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4. Improves Mental State And Physical Health

Up to this point, I never believed that eating vaginal fluid has a greater number of advantages other than for the fun of it and pleasure. What came as a stun to me is that the vaginal juice can improve an individual’s psychological state and his physical wellbeing. As indicated by research, when a lady orgasms, she discharges oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine which can all be helpful in decreasing body torments.






Is It Safe To Swallow Vaginal Fluid?


Considering all the benefits that come with it, and with no side effects ever recorded, all things being equal, it is absolutely safe to swallow vaginal fluid. 

Thus, having oral sex can be quite beneficial health-wise.



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How To Get Vaginal Fluid

Inasmuch as swallowing vaginal fluid has all of these numerous advantages, it is important you note that your woman may not secret it all of the time.

All things considered, you should intentionally get her in the mode for intercourse. Give her genuine feelings of peace. After which you can begin caressing her gently while whispering those lovely words in her ears.

Give her some affection and don’t be in a rush… yeah, those foreplay kinda things.

Once in the right mood, go down her vagina and start licking the lips using your tongue. Applying all cunnilingus techniques you know. If done well, by now, she ought to have started showing signs of secreting some fluids from her vagina.

Now let’s say you have previously been a little shy taking in that vaginal fluid, but have now realized its health benefits, now is the perfect time to go down on her and get the best out of that vaginal fluid.


In case you are wondering, vaginal discharge is soluble in taste and has a smell that isn’t foul or offensive. Ingesting the liquid has no known reactions and that should help your certainty whenever you go down there.


When would it be a good idea for you to have oral sex?

There is no restriction to the occasions that you ought to engage in sexual relations, so far the timing is perfectly agreed on between you and your partner. If anything, whenever you are free and alone, it is a great idea to go. Vaginal release always provides great nourishment. There is no particular time for you to take it.


What Happens When You Swallow Vaginal Fluid

Now that you have had a fairly good idea of the health benefits associated with eating vaginal juice, it worthwhile to equally understand what exactly happens when you swallow vaginal juice.

Like I stated earlier, there has not been any known side effects swallowing vaginal juice. Just like every other fluid you take in, the vaginal fluid is taken in by the digestive system, where it is properly assimilated by the body to give you all the known benefits.



For some individuals, oral sex, for the most part, is just for pleasure and entertainment.

But hey,

…there is a whole other world to it than that!

Researchers have stated that swallowing vaginal fluid has a few advantages including preventing heart illnesses, placing your body in its right physical state, relieving depression, and improving the assimilation arrangement of an individual among other benefits.

So having said that, whenever you are worn out, you don’t always have to request a back rub. 

Instead request oral sex! It is gainful for both you and your spouse. Additionally, there is no known side effect of swallowing vaginal fluid so you ought to go down there at every opportunity you’ve got.


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