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avoid holiday weight gain


The beautiful festive period is here again. So we thought it wise to put out this little piece for our readers on how to how to avoid holiday weight gain this holiday, and any other holiday for that matter!

For some people, this is usually the most stressful time of the year. But if you’re like most persons, this is usually a season to chill, relax and spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones.

But hey!

Remember that engaging in all the stressful activities, being busy, and eating all the extras can lead to weight gain. S0 here are few tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain and not feel deprived of any of the enjoyment this season!

Read on…

In order for you not to feel deprived of any form of enjoyment this holiday season, there’s this phrase I’ll like you to keep in mind this period, which is “harmonize your activities”. In order words, try as much as possible to balance up everything. And by everything, I mean starting from your food intake to all those stressful activities you might engage in!

Let’s get started with tips No 1


  1. Consume more of quality calories

For a good number of people, to keep a strategic distance away from weight gain, you have to keep away from taking in calories. But in all actuality, you have to eat calories to remain healthy, yet you have to concentrate on consuming quality calories.


  • You might begin by considering mostly foods rich in vitamins and other vital nutrients, instead of foods with little or no nutritional values.

Keep in mind that the “fresher the better”. When foods are minimally processed, they usually retain greater levels of vitamins and minerals.

For instance,

  • Because you have total control of its ingredients and contents, you should prefer home-cooked meals to go out to regular restaurants.
  • It’s very much ok to eat your normal meals for the day. But trying to balance/lighten them up is key here, however, don’t skip them! On the off chance that you will have a serving of mixed greens/salads, ensure there are some protein and healthy fat in it.
  • You can try having a snack or something light for dinner before going to those evening parties. Leaving little room in your belly for whatever you might want to take at the party. You can still enjoy your favorites once you get there but you’ll be able to have what you wish with substantially much more awareness and mindfulness.
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  1. Manage your stress level

It can be quite stressful keeping up with the demands and activities of the festive period.

Being extremely stressed out/busy can have a lot of unhealthy consequences such as unnecessary overeating and weight gain.

How? You may ask…

Stressed individuals commonly have high levels of cortisol being released to their bloodstream. Cortisol is a hormone that’s released in response to stress. Constantly, high levels of this hormone may cause weight gain, as they have been linked to greater food intake. Source

Also, a stressful and distressing lifestyle may cause more cravings for junk and unhealthy food.

For instance, you may be tempted to stop by an eatery in order to save time, as opposed to going to get a nutritious meal at home.

Consequently, it’s essential you monitor feelings of anxiety and stress by and large — however particularly during the special seasons, when you may be occupied and surrounded by unhealthy food.

So consider engaging in less stressful activities, some might include: exercise (which is up next), yoga, meditation, etc.


  1. Exercise Regularly

avoid holiday weight gain

One of the best approaches to keep up or lose bodyweight is to take part in normal, continued high-impact aerobic activities. Another significant step you can take to ensure you dodge weight gain this holiday is to kick up your exercise regularly.

Exercise is an incredible way to burn off those additional fats you might be taking in this season.

Here are a few plans to make you move:

  • On the off chance that you have a stationary bike or treadmill at home, clean it up and put it before the TV or radio for some foundation stimulation/entertainment while you’re working out. Who says you cannot watch your preferred TV program while exercising simultaneously?


  • You can as well get to the library and get one of your favorite books on tape or CD, hear it out and read as you work out. What an interesting exercise that would be!


  • Haven’t utilized your rec center to go in for a moment? Contract a fitness coach to show you powerful calorie-consuming strategies, or join that kickboxing class you’ve for the longest time been itching to attempt.


  • Go for a morning or night walk alone or with a companion.


  • Put a little kick in your cleaning system. Fire up some music and move while you clean. Who at any point realized cleaning could be so fun?


  • Have awful knees or different joints? Not to worry – water heart stimulating exercise or swimming is your answer! The water prevents your weight from hunkering down on the joints and is a successful method to burn unnecessary calories.


There are lots of indoor exercises you can engage in, right in the comfort of your home without much stress. You can find some ideas in this post


Also: Be Active with Family and Friends

Sedentary activities, for example, sitting on the lounge chair at home and watching TV, are activities you find most people and families engage in this period.

Idleness may add to weight gain, particularly whenever joined by gorging/overeating.

avoid holiday weigh gain

Just try:

  • Doing some sort of physical activity with your family and friends. This can prove to be quite useful for weight control. In any event, something as straightforward and easy as a family walk can get your brain off food and enable you to bond with your friends and family.
  • You can likewise remain dynamic and active during the special seasons by signing up for a workout session or community fitness event. Races are well-known alternatives.



  1. Routinely Weigh Yourself.

You may not have known but stepping on the scale routinely during the special seasons can help you to remember your weight objectives and goals, enabling you to be fully aware of your weight changes, and make a move (and adjustments where needed) before huge weight gain sets in.


Studies propose that individuals who weigh themselves regularly keep up or lose weight better than those who don’t weigh themselves


Hopefully, you know by now which standard works best for you. For some people, it’s helpful to check their weight day by day, while others lean toward a few times per week. Discover your style and stick to it!


  1. Get Enough Sleep & Rest.

Lack of sleep; which is very normal during the special seasons, may cause weight gain.

This is on the grounds that the individuals who don’t rest enough will, in general, be hungrier, devour more calories, and exercise less

Not getting enough rest may build your appetite hormone levels, eventually prompting more unhealthy food and junk intake.

Furthermore, insufficient rest has been connected to lowering the body’s metabolism and digestion. This might be brought about by modifications in your circadian beat — a natural body clock that controls a significant number of your substantial body functions.

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  1. Eat less By Controlling the Risk of Enticement

Controlling even the smallest possibility of interacting with ‘enticing’ foods is one approach to adequately lessen your food intake. While you won’t have the option to control all circumstances, center around a large number you can. For instance, do you keep sweets or treats around the house or in your room?

Do you visit the lounge area table or washroom where you store all your vacation treats? Give careful consideration of enticing spots and attempt to control them. For instance, make a settlement with family members/friends that treats will be kept exclusively in the lounge, not at the front work area or in different workplaces. Rationally plan out how you will abstain from enticing circumstances.

  • Eat Snacks with Caution

During the Christmas season, unfortunate bites like treats and different treats will, in general, be accessible for you to take however you deem fit.


At the point when treats are anything but difficult to get to, you’re bound to nibble superfluously.


At home, this issue can be overcome by keeping treats far out. In any case, that system is progressively hard to keep away from in circumstances that you can’t control, for example, in a social/friendly environment or a family party.


Attempt to be aware of your nibbling propensities. On the off chance that you wind up crunching in light of the fact that there’s nourishment around — and not on the grounds that you’re ravenous — it’s ideal to abstain from nibbling by and large.

Notwithstanding, in the event that you are ravenous and need a bite, settle on genuine nourishments. Natural products, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are filling tidbits that don’t contain included sugars or undesirable fats — the two of which can prompt weight gain.

If you find yourself in need of a few healthy snacks to enjoy between meals, try:

  • Fresh vegetable sticks
  • Dried beans or legumes
  • Green tea
  • Cacao
  • Metabolism-boosting spices like cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric, or cinnamon
  • Be Mindful of your Portion size

At the point when the special seasons show up, it very well may be anything but difficult to over-burden your plate.


The individuals who eat bigger segments will in general put on weight more effectively than the individuals who don’t


The most ideal approach to conquer this is to control divide sizes or utilize littler plates.


To decide a proper bit size, read nourishment names and the suggested serving sizes recorded on plans. In the event that you can’t do either, utilize your best judgment to fill your plate with a sensible measure of nourishment.

  • Watch what you Eat

Individuals are regularly in a surge during the Christmas season, which now and again prompts performing various tasks during suppers.


Studies show that the individuals who eat while occupied are bound to gorge. This is on the grounds that they’re not able to focus on their body’s completion signals


To anticipate this, eat carefully and limit interruptions — including work and hardware.


Attempt to bite gradually and altogether, which will enable you to more readily perceive your body’s completion flag and devour fewer calories


It can likewise be useful to take a couple of full breaths before you start eating. This can initiate unwinding and assist you with keeping your complete consideration on your plate, as opposed to your plan for the day.


A few investigations show that the individuals who participate in careful eating rehearses are more averse to put on weight

  • Trick your brain with a smaller plate

trick your brain with a smaller plate

eating from a smaller plate tricks your brain into feeling full with a smaller portion size because it looks like there’s more food on the plate. So, choose a smaller plate, and stop eating when you feel about 2/3 full.

Evening gatherings and potlucks are regular during the Christmas season.


Be that as it may, these festivals don’t need to wreck your eating routine on the off chance that you eat from a littler plate.

Individuals will, in general, devour bigger segments from enormous plates, which may prompt gorging

Along these lines, a little plate is a simple method to control parcels.


  • Continuously prepare – Never go to a gathering/party hungry

Before you go to a vacation party, eat a solid nibble, for example, a serving of your preferred organic product, sans fat yogurt or a low-fat, entire grain granola bar. At the point when you land at the gathering, you won’t pine for appetizers.

Preparing can go far towards forestalling occasion weight gain.

It can likewise be useful to assemble a rundown of sound occasion plans so you don’t come up short on thoughts when you have to carry a dish to a gathering.


  1. Hydrate Regularly

Thirst is frequently mistaken for hunger, making those additional treats lying around significantly all the more enticing! Furthermore, when you’ve had one an excessive number of mixed drinks, that aftereffect lack of hydration can exacerbate it even! So make a point to remain hydrated

You can try:

  • Keeping a water container to taste on for the day


  • Switchback and forth among alcoholic and non-mixed beverages while at parties.



  1. Concentrate more on mingling and Socializing

Try not to remain around the nourishment table when you are at a gathering – center your energies around making discussion with others as opposed to concentrating on food sources. The discussion is without calories.


Keep in mind, the special seasons are intended to praise great occasions with loved ones. Appreciate the special seasons and plan successful techniques to assist you with accomplishing your weight reduction objectives. Accomplishing what you searched out for will give you one all the more valid justification for seasonal happiness!

It’s a wonderful season of celebration, so enjoy it following these few steps above without having to feel deprived in any way at all. HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!


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