What is Vanilla Sex | Here Are 11 AMAZING FACTS You Should Know

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I know you have come across the term Vanilla Sex. And by reading this article right now, you are probably wondering what it means? Or you probably have an idea but want to know more.

Either way, just stick around, because we will be going through some basics, fun facts, then take a look at why Vanilla Sex is still an ideal type of sex.

And Hell No! Vanilla sex does not mean splashing vanilla yogurt or any cream at that on your spouse while engaging in sexual activities.

So what is Vanilla Sex then?



Vanilla sex is a term commonly used when referring to simple sex. That is as basic as it gets. It just refers to simple, ordinary, plain, straight, normal sex. As opposed to any form of kinkiness, role play, shabiri during sex. This type of sex does not include any form of unusual play, there are no special outfits, toys, whips, chains, third parties, role play or domination involved.

Other schools of thought refer to Vanilla Sex as sex in bed rather than on a plane or in the backwoods or any other awkward place at that. In most instances, vanilla sex involves the missionary position, but it isn’t just limited to the missionary position.

But as simple as it sounds, there are a whole lot of things interesting and fun about it.


Trends With Vanilla Sex

Because of the trends and adventures portrayed in attaching a lot of kinkiness to sex, Vanilla Sex these days is seen as being mediocre and common. Individuals now think that it is unadventurous or dull, that the incorporation of those kinkiness and awkward experience makes it more sex.

Be that as it may, let us not forget that the purpose of good sex is for you and your spouse to have fun in it, and get lost in the moment. That is apart from the procreation purpose of sex though.




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One is considered to be a sex champion once he is able to go hours at it or is very creative in bed. Of course, all these alone are not particularly awful, yet sex is far beyond that. And it tends to create unnecessary waves and end up making a lot of individuals miss the whole essence of sex.

The media has also been portraying a lot of kinkiness involved in having sex. Making it look as if Vanilla Sex should be a thing of the past. For instance, there are lots of programs, movies, platforms that tend to demonstrate and promote this kinkiness.

So what precisely does this mass advertising mean for our sexual experiences?

In years past, individuals who have unreasonable sexual fantasies and interests mostly felt embarrassed about it and were not too open to express such fantasies. But nowadays, it is no longer that way. Needing to be whipped, spanked, chained, or verbally debase is now becoming more conventional, while at the same time needing delicate, traditional lovemaking is seen as an abomination and old school.

As earlier stated, inasmuch as there are lots of kinky ways to get adventurous with sex, we should take care in order not to receive or pass the wrong information and portray the wrong motive. Just as BDSM blogger Clarisse Thorn said in one of her blog posts; “With a portion of the things I write, I get worried that I’ve added to a bad dream world where ladies are “freed” just as in we can perform for men.”



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Advantages of Vanilla Sex

What a lot of people tend to overlook is that vanilla sex has its advantages.

  • There is a sure degree of closeness that is usually gotten from vanilla sex.  Bringing in a lot of interruptions during sex can thwart the intimacy and bonding expected. Vanilla Sex has no interruptions and this makes it easier for couples to connect and bond.
  • Participating in vanilla sex makes one feel increasingly real and sure about their sexual abilities.
  • Taking part in vanilla sex is a superb method to know your spouse intimately. It is very important for one to focus on what his or her spouse enjoys.

Moreover, while some may appreciate the harsher sex, role-playing and all, others may not want it.



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 Vanilla Sex Facts | Why It Is Still An Ideal Approach 

Vanilla Sex Fact One:

It’s easy

Vanilla sex is very simple. You don’t have to overthink it before giving it a shot. You know how to do it and it doesn’t demand way too many efforts, unlike kinky sex which is a huge burden!


Vanilla Sex Fact Two:

You’re in your comfort zone

Vanilla Sex is something you feel comfortable and great doing. While exploring some other sexual adventures and fantasies might not totally be a bad idea once in a while, it tends to be a big burden when it is coming too often. And the responsibilities involved become burdensome.


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Vanilla Sex Fact Three:

It can be done right there on your comfy bed

You don’t have to think about a cool and energizing spot to do it, you don’t have to stress over somebody strolling in on you… You can do it on the solaces of your room.


Vanilla Sex Fact Four:

It lets you focus on the big ‘O’

While having the kinky sex, there are lots of things you have to consider and your mind is constantly thinking one thing or the other. EG:  the prop you may be using, how is it working out for your spouse, how is it working out for you, should it be longer, shorter, gentler or harder? Vanilla sex lets you just focus on the thing that matters the most – orgasm.


Vanilla Sex Fact Five:

There is no pressure

 Like none at all, nada.


Vanilla Sex Fact Six:

It’s something beyond missionary

As opposed to the way vanilla sex is depicted in the media, vanilla isn’t dull at all. There are plenty of choices to attempt. There are different positions, places, styles you can utilize. Regardless of whether it is a quickie in the kitchen on a Monday morning including lots of dirty talks, or it is a three-hour marathon on date night with Ludovico Einaudi’s Experience playing in the background, there are a lot of things that can be done.

If you ever thought that vanilla sex was just one simple position, then you were wrong. Vanilla sex can be hot too with various types of positions that keep you going throughout the night. Don’t get it twisted, it is called vanilla sex because it doesn’t involve anything unusual, fetish or naughty.


Vanilla Sex Fact Seven:

There are no rules

When you outside of vanilla sex, there are lots of unusual things that must be considered. Vanilla sex, on the other hand, requires no standard procedures. It’s so basic and normal that rules can without much of a stretch be forgotten completely.


Vanilla Sex Fact Eight:

It’s a great confidence booster

It’ll assist you with becoming confident and acquainted with your own body better as well.


Vanilla Sex Fact Nine:

It’s so cheap

No Sex toys, scented candles, special oil, which cost a lot to get. Kinky supplies are costly, especially those of good quality. Vanilla sex helps you avoid pre-requirements. You engage in sexual relations and you save cash, win-win!

vanilla sex


Vanilla Sex Fact Ten:

Your basics are clear

Even if you wish to incorporate kinkiness to your sex life once in a while, before then, you need to get your basics right first. And that is the role of vanilla sex. Unless you have the foundation right, there is no way you will be able to enter the world of kinky with finesse.


Vanilla Sex Fact Eleven:

You have time to truly bond with your spouse

Because you’re not lost in thoughts about awkward fantasies and adventures, you have great cuddle time! Which you can use to genuinely bond and connect with your spouse!



While it is reasonable to test and find out what works and what doesn’t in your sex life, it is equally important for you not to allow the media or friends to decide for us what we should or should not do.

If you like vanilla sex, if you feel it is what works best for you, then don’t fail to hold on to it with full confidence realizing these facts and benefits. It doesn’t make sense to continue attempting things you don’t care about. Which might end up hurting you in return.

So decide what works best for you and stick to it!

Thank you so much for reading. Please keep checking back for more insightful content.


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