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Having been in the bodybuilding and fitness game for quite some time now, I have pretty much seen a lot of folks transform their body and built muscle fast within a short period of their workout and training session, and I was incredibly amazed.  Sadly, I have also seen a lot of people spend a serious amount of time to workout, regularly going to the gym, yet no significant amount of results/changes were recorded.

Could it be that they did not know what they were doing?

Or was there something they were getting all wrong?

Whichever be the case, it is important to note that various workouts and exercise regimes serve different purposes.

And depending on what your bodybuilding goal might be, it is important you research deeper to find the different sets of routine that’ll help you accomplish that.

Having said that, in this article, I will be sharing with you 5 workouts I have found to be the best when it comes to build massive muscles. I will also share some tips that I believe will help optimize your result, and help you reach your desired goal even faster.

Now I’m not guaranteeing that you will look like an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Kai Greene within the next couple of weeks. But what I do know is that if followed judiciously, you will see a significant amount of results within 45 days or less.


Getting The Basics Right

At the very basic level, three fundamental things must be put in place for you to maximally build muscle which are;

  • The right workout program
  • Proper dieting and meal schedule
  • Eating healthy calories


Because of differences in the rate of production of testosterone by individuals, and coupled with the fact that we are genetically wired up differently, results and duration within results might vary from person to person.

However, for you to get the desired results, I will strongly encourage you to take these workouts very seriously. And deliberately map out ambitious training sessions and nutrition strategies that you can follow, and that best suits you.

Nutrition is an aspect of your workout that you do want to take very seriously if you are looking to build massive muscle. This is because, your training sessions might be on point, but if you do not have the right nutrition strategy in place, you might not get the desired results. Or maybe not as fast as you’d expect.

For sure it might not be a simple task trying to stay consistent with these workouts, but consistency and commitment are required for you to start getting your desired results.

So in no particular preference, let’s begin…


#1. The Bench Press Workout

woman performing a bench press workout


The bench press is one of the workout routines you must include in your training sessions if building muscles is your ultimate goal. There are several reasons why I said so. This popular routine falls under the “chest exercise”. And while that is true, it is also greatly involved in strengthening and training the:

  • Muscles of the Forearms,
  • Shoulder Muscles,
  • Pectoral Muscles,
  • The Triceps,
  • Latissimus Muscles,
  • Trapezius Muscles,
  • Rhomboids ( And almost every other muscle found in the upper body extremities).


barbell bench press - build massive muscle


However, inasmuch as the bench press does a huge work on the muscles of the upper extremities (particularly the chest), it can also be regarded as a full-body workout. Because it uses your legs, your lower back; even your hips while helping you build massive muscle. Hence it is a very good workout routine to get into.



Here Are The Things You Need To Start Performing A Bench Press Today

  • A weight bench
  • Barbell: Make sure to start with ones that are not too heavy for you. Begin gradually. You will win the race.
  • A Spotter: Whether you are a beginner or you’ve gotten quite good with the bench press, it is still very advisable you get someone to be there observing you.


bench press exercise gif



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Here Are Common Mistakes To Avoid When Performing A Bench Press

  • Not maintaining a general body tightness: Make sure to keep your tight to avoid missing the rep.
  • Your buttocks coming up: it is necessary for your buttocks to remain on the bench as you perform this routine. This will enhance performance and productivity.
  • Performing half reps can be another big mistake to avoid.
  • Not positioning yourself well while performing the bench press. Positioning is key while performing the bench press.



#2. The Barbell Squat Workout

the barbell squat


The squat is definitely one of the best workouts for anyone trying to build massive muscle.

While the general bodyweight squat is an incredible and simple exercise for building muscle, my major focus here will be on the barbell squat. Which in itself is an amazing workout for building massive muscles.


Performing a Proper Barbell Back Squat Workout

  1. The barbell on your shoulders. Put your hands around the bar on both sides.
  2. At this point, your feet should be slightly spread apart, so that it is a bit wider than your hip’s width.
  3. Flex your stomach, squeeze your gluteus muscle, and take in a deep breath!
  4. Gently move your buttocks backward, and squat down slowly.
  5. Continue squatting down gently until the tops of your legs are on the same level, or slightly lower.
  6. Then, gently move back up to your initial standing position.
  7. When you must have done the up and down movement to your satisfaction, carefully return the weight to the rack.

And there you have it! You just completed the barbell squat workout! Of course, consistency with training and practice is key here guys.


man performing the barbell squat


While performing the squat, it is important to take note of the following for optimal results:

  1. You want to always go deep enough with your squats. Make sure you are going down enough! The parallel position between your hip and the top of your laps is the least position downwards. The deeper the squat, the more your hamstring muscles, your hips, and your lower extremities are exercised and trained. Yielding better results!
  2. Make sure you are standing firmly on your feet. And not on your toes.
  3. The positioning of your knee is equally very important. Make sure that as you perform this workout, your knees are aligned at the same angle as your feet.
  4. Throughout the squat workout, make sure to chest out properly, with your shoulders to the back properly.
  5. Your face should as well be in its natural position of looking straightforward. Not up or down.



#3. The Pull-Ups Exercise

pull up exercise


Pull-ups are one of the best workouts for building massive muscles.

And let me tell you why:

  1. Pull-ups workouts are part of those workouts often referred to as the “compound exercise” this is because they work out several groups of muscles in the upper extremities of your body. Both your arms muscle, your back muscle, and even abs all get stronger while you do pull-ups.
  2. As you tend to move against the force of gravity, pull-ups, or chin-ups as the case may help you build strength enormously.
  3. Helping you build muscle isn’t just enough. The pull-up exercise also balances your posture. Giving you an incredible posture.
  4. Unlike some other “compound exercises” that might require more sophisticated pieces of equipment, Pull-ups are much more convenient. Pull-ups can comfortably be performed at home so far you have some of its equipment like barbells and power racks(or other equipment that can serve in their place) available at home.


Performing a proper pull-up workout:

  1. You need to firmly grab the bar with a grip that is a little bit wider than your shoulder’s width.
  2. Hang down, then pull yourself up until your jaw is above the bar.
  3. Pause a little before you lower yourself down again
  4. Repeat the process for as long as you can.


If hoisting yourself isn’t what you have gotten comfortable with for the meantime, no stress! Here are some easier options you can begin with:

  1. Inverted Bodyweight Rows: they are recommended as beginner level to pull-ups. The inverted bodyweight row also works out the same body muscles as the pull-up,  just at a different angle.
  2. Assisted Pull-Ups with a chair
  3. Assisted pull up with an exercise band: You can try putting your feet in an elastic band, then pull yourself up and down. The elastic band is tied to the barbell and helps propel you upwards.
  4. pull up with the help of a partner: you can have someone hold your legs while you do the up and down movement. Once you are more comfortable, the person can then let go.

assisted pull up with a chair


assisted pull up with exercise band


assisted pull up with a friend


Feeling cool about your pull-up sets?

Here are some advanced pull-up variations you can check out:

  • The Wide Grip Pull Up
  • The Side to Side Pull Up
  • The Towel Pull Up
  • The L-Sit Pull Up
  • The Clapping Pull Up
  • The One-Arm Pull Up
  • The Weighted Pull Up: This is done by adding extra weight to yourself. You can do so using a weight belt or a backpack.


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#4. The Dip Exercise

The dip workout is a compound bodyweight workout. And can be one of the most underrated exercises out there.

The dip being a compound exercise means that its movement involves multiple joints of the body. Thereby working out several muscles and groups of muscle at the same time.

This exercise essentially trains your:

  • Chest region
  • Shoulder region
  • Triceps
  • The Back muscle
  • And the Abdominal muscles.



Performing A Proper Dip Exercise

  1. Grab the parallel bars or rings as the case may be. Then hoist yourself up. Make sure to be looking straight ahead at this point, and make sure to contract your stomach ( just as we talked about during the squat section).
  2. You can decide to bend your knees or not. But endeavor to keep your head up and look straight ahead, just for stability purposes.
  3. Then make sure your elbow is kept at your side, then lower yourself until your triceps muscle is parallel to the floor. You can go down beyond parallel. But do not overdo it, to avoid injury or discomfort.
  4. Once you are at that parallel level, move back up until just before you are able to lock your elbows
  5. Repeat the process for as long as your strength can carry you. Try to always keep your elbows as tight as possible. And engage your abs very well. Also, balance up your body as you do the up and down movement.



#5. The Overhead Press Workout

Performing a proper overhead press workout:

  1. With the bar un-racked. Stand with your feet slightly spread apart (about shoulder-width apart).
  2. Gently lean back by pushing your hips forward.
  3. Press the bar overhead. Do this while keeping your body tight.
  4. Keep the bar as close to your face as you can. Avoiding it from hitting your face of course!
  5. When the bar passes your forehead, then you will have to move your body back under the bar by driving your torso forward, then back into a standing position.
  6. At the top of the lift, raise and drop your shoulders slightly and then lock your elbows.
  7. Make sure to keep your body tight throughout this process. It is very important for optimal results.



Recommendations for performing a proper overhead press

  • As you grip the bar, squeeze it like you want to bend it in an upwards direction. As you do this, your latissimus muscles are engaged.
  • As you do the squeezing of the bar, try to also lock/squeeze your elbows like you trying to touch the inside of your biceps with your chest.
  • Try to always breathe in heavily before lifting. Hold the air in your stomach, tighten your body, and begin to press up. Only let the air out at the top of the lift.


There are several variations of the Overhead Press. Some of which includes:

  • The Seated Press
  • The Push Press
  • The Jerk


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Final Words

The whole process involved in massive muscle gain isn’t such a hard nut to crack. The major task there is the process, the discipline, and the commitment involved. So I will greatly advise you to get to understand how the body system works, build a solid foundation for this, and see yourself getting your desired results in no distant time!

Thank you for reading.

What are your best workout routines? Leave us a comment below. I would love to hear from you.



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